Sleep Apnea

A more restful sleep may be in your future

You may not have to live with your snoring caused by sleep apnea any longer. Ask us about an innovative device that can improve the quality of your sleep. Your spouse will thank you.

Treat your snoring and sleep apnea

Take advantage of the most affordable, non-invasive, comfortable, and effective method for snoring prevention with this dentist-prescribed device.

The Silent Nite slide-link

With a simple checklist, our dental team can determine the exact design of your Silent Nite sl. With a soft inner layer that rests comfortably against teeth and gums and a special slide-link connection to position your jaw properly, this oral appliance can minimize your snoring.

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The dangers of snoring

If you snore, you are among an estimated 90 million North Americans that are dealing with interrupted sleep cycles. The struggle for breath can also spike your blood pressure, damage the walls of the carotid arteries, and thus increase your risk of stroke.

Protect yourself from further health problems with proper treatment today.

Most insurance and CareCredit plans are accepted.

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